Difference between Card/Data Recon & Enterprise Recon



This article aims to summarize the core differences of all Ground Labs products to help customers with their purchasing decisions.


Comparison Table

Feature Card Recon (Advanced) Data Recon (Advanced) Enterprise Recon
PCI scanning Yes Yes Yes
PII scanning No Yes Yes
Custom Data Types No Yes Yes
Multi-platform (Operating System) No No Yes
Generate reports No No Yes
Centralized management & control No No Yes
Scheduled scans No No Yes
Notifications No No Yes
Statistics monitoring No No Yes


CR/DR vs. ER

The main differences between our standalone/portable tools (CR & DR) and Enterprise Recon, are;

  • Access & usability across multiple platforms
    Enterprise Recon is operated from a Web browser console which is served by a Master Server with our (CentOS 6-basedER ISO Appliance installed.
    This means any authenticated ER User would be able to access and use Enterprise Recon from any workstation using a compatible Web browser.

  • Ability to generate scan reports
    Enterprise Recon features the ability to generate reports which would prove incredibly helpful when reporting status to upper management.
    More information can be found here.

  • Centralized management & control
    Enterprise Recon allows you to control exactly who can use the product, which workstation is allowed to access the console, amongst other management features available.
    Everything is stored in one encrypted and highly-secure Master Server.

  • Scheduled scans
    With Enterprise Recon, you may set-up & configure scans in advance to run at a preset date/time.
    You may even configure scans to repeat at a frequency of your choosing.
    This allows for full automated operations to help you achieve PCI compliance at a breeze.

  • Notifications
    24/7 Scans monitoring & alerts support.

  • Statistics monitoring
    Past scans are recorded and presented in various easy-to-understand formats.
    This helps you better track your progress & performance.


For more details on our licensing structure, please read;


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