Adjusting system resource usage



Card Recon has been designed to conduct thorough scans using minimal system resources so as to avoid affecting other applications.
This is of vital importance when scanning live systems including production servers or user desktops whilst normal business operations must continue to remain uninterrupted.

By default, Card Recon is configured to utilize low CPU resources which are not being used by other applications.
However, the usage of CPU and other resource usage facts can be configured to further reduce the risk of system impact, this article explains how.



  1. On the main page of Card Recon, click on the 'CPU priority' button

  2. There are a couple of options here; the first one allows you to elevate CPU priority to the 'Normal' level from the default 'Low'

    In 'Low' priority; Card Recon intentionally de-prioritizes itself and instructs the operating system to only allow CPU resources when they are available.
    In 'Normal' priority; Card Recon will compete for CPU cycles/resources on an equal basis against other applications.

  3. The second option is 'limiting search throughput'; this allows you to limit the rate at which data would be scanned

    By default, Card recon will read/scan data at the fastest available rate the target (HDD/SSD) can offer.

  4. The last option allows the user to create scan pause windows during production-critical hours, or other reasons



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