Card Recon - Memory limit reached



While scanning on Card Recon, the following error message was received:

"Some data may be inaccessible: Memory limit of xxxx bytes reached, needed xxxx more"



This error occurs when the amount of data that passes through our scanning engine at any one point of time hits the in-built threshold limit.

Our underlying scanning engine has a self-configured memory limit of about 1GB. This limit was imposed to help lighten the memory usage of the CR process.

Usually, this limit will not be hit unless scanning an unusually large size .ZIP file or a database with large BLOBs.



This issue may be resolved by increasing the memory limit of the scanning engine, instructions below:

  1. First you have to create a CR Configuration file
    To do this, run CR and pre-configure your scan parameters as per normal (eg. set Targets, Data Type, Credentials, etc.)
  2. Once done, create the Configuration file by clicking the 'Tools' button on the main page and selecting 'Save search configuration'

  3. Now without exiting CR, navigate to where you saved the Configuration file and open it using a text editor like WordPad (Notepad not recommended)
  4. Scroll to the last line of the file where it says "</recon>"
    Enter a new line above it and key in;



  5. Save your changes and reload the Configuration file by selecting 'Load search configuration' this time

  6. You may now start your scan



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