Card Recon - Expanding the Results Database size



Card Recon maintains a results database to keep track of any non-compliant findings identified throughout a scan.
By default, the results database is 416MB in size and is kept in memory.
However this can be increased or decreased and stored on disk with encryption if required.

The results database size must be increased if any of the following error messages are received:

  • "Please configure the results database with a larger context data limit"
  • "Results database size limit exceeded"



To increase the Results Database size, follow the instructions below:

  1. On the main page of Card Recon, click on the 'Results Database' button

  2. In the following window, under 'Results database size', you may modify the total size limit (in MB)

    Note: The amount of data per match can also be reduced from 512 bytes per match to a lower amount.
    This is the amount of contextual data Card Recon will store and display which surrounds each match.
    This enables the viewer to gain a clearer understanding of the validity of the match by viewing the surrounding contextual data.
  3. Under 'Results database location', you may also choose to use disk space instead of memory if you don't have much memory available

  4. You may now run a new scan with the increased size limit



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