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When Card Recon identifies cardholder data in a location on a given system, the owner of the system may not accept or believe it is real without further evidence to prove in absolute terms what the CHD is and where it rests.

To overcome this challenge, Card Recon offers an on-screen Match Inspector for users to see exactly where the CHD is and any surrounding storage context.


Using the Match Inspector

The Match Inspector can be accessed at any time whilst a scan is still running or upon scan completion.


To view a specific file

Click on the file within the primary results list and the Match Inspector window will dynamically appear beneath & display the contents of the file.

To jump between CHD results in the file

A list of specific PANs (matches) exists down the left side of the viewer. Click on the match you wish to see and the Match Inspector will jump to the portion of the location where the specific PAN exists & show any context surrounding the PAN.

To view metadata information associated with the location

Every location has metadata associated with it and CR/DR can display this information - though it is hidden by default.

Metadata examples include; file owner, date modified, email header, etc.

To show associated metadata, simply click the 'View all info' button shown below:



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