User management in Enterprise Recon



This article serves to show how you can manage Users and Roles in Enterprise Recon.



By default, only one user (admin) is created in Enterprise Recon. To add and edit users, head over to the 'User Accounts' page under 'Users And Security'.

Over here you may click on the 'Add' button to add new users and set their 'Role/s' and 'Permissions'.
By hovering your mouse over a user, you may also 'Edit' or 'Remove' them.

If you have added your Active Directory in Enterprise Recon (Network Configuration > Active Directory Manager), you may also click the 'Import from Active Directory' button to create ER user accounts for your AD users.


Think of "Roles" as user groups.
You can assign different Permissions to different Roles and Users with/in a single Role share the same Permissions.


Permissions are what allow a user to perform actions in Enterprise Recon.
The different levels of permissions are as follows:

  • Summary Only - Able to view summary information of Targets
  • Read Level - Able to view summary information and inspect match locations of Targets
  • Manager - Full access


Access Control List

Access Control Lists allows you to block or exclusively permit network traffic to the Master Server from specific IP ranges. Think of it as a sort of firewall.
You may control access to the web console, Agent availability, and/or base access.


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