Enterprise Recon licensing


This article shall list out all available Enterprise Recon licenses and its license scheme.



Each order comes as a Enterprise Recon license bundle pack in the form of a single license file valid only for one Master Server.

License type Platform Coverage
Workstation Windows & Mac OSX Local file system
Server Windows Server, Linux, AIX, HP-UX, FreeBSD, Solaris Local file system, Databases
Office 365/Exchange Microsoft services Remote/locally-hosted Office 365 and Exchange mail servers, OneDrive, Sharepoint, Tasks, Calendar
(1 license per user)
Azure Microsoft services (Azure) Azure Queue, Table, BLOB
(1 license per service instance)
Google Apps Google services Google Docs, Drive, Tasks, Calendar, Mail
(1 license per user)
Dropbox Cloud storage Dropbox cloud storage
(1 license per user)
Box Cloud storage Box cloud storage
(1 license per user)
Amazon S3 Cloud storage Amazon S3 Buckets
(1 license per Bucket)
Rackspace Cloud storage Rackspace cloud storage
(1 license per Container & region)
Lotus Notes (IBM Notes) IBM Notes IBM Notes email
(1 license per user/mailbox)
IMAP Generic IMAP email IMAP email
(1 license per mailbox)

Note: All mail/cloud storage scanning require a minimum of 1x Server license to function as a scanning Agent.


All information in this article is accurate and true as of the last edited date.

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