Scanning NAS & file shares



This article shall serve as a guide to show how to use Card Recon to scan your NAS or other file shares.

Please ensure your host machine has connection to the file share and that you have the proper credentials to be able to access the folder in the file share in question (minimum 'READ' rights).



  1. On the main page of Card Recon, click on the 'Targets' button shown below:

  2. In the following window, you may choose to edit your existing Target locations or add a new one (please be reminded that for each Target, 1 license would be used)

  3. In the next window, select the 'Network Storage' category and choose between a Windows or Unix file share, for all other types, choose 'Remote access via SSH'
  4. After expanding the file share type, CR/DR would attempt to search for all connected file shares of that type
    If not detected, manually enter your network storage's hostname
  5. After expanding your network storage, select the name of your file share/shared folder
    If not automatically detected, manually enter your file share name

  6. At this point, CR will prompt for your credentials, fill in accordingly

  7. Afterwards, the contents of your file share should be revealed
    You may select to scan the entire file share or pick a specific folder

  8. Once decided, just click the 'Select' button followed by 'Ok' and you may start your scan


All information in this article is accurate and true as of the last edited date.

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