Organizing & managing scan targets



This article serves to show how you can organize & manage your scan targets in your Enterprise Recon web console.



You may group your targets together and give the group a name, schedule scans by group, and generate group reports.

Creating a group

  1. Login to your Enterprise Recon web console and go to the 'Targets' page
  2. Find a Target you wish to create a group for then hover your mouse over it and click the settings icon to the right

  3. Select 'Edit Target'
  4. Under the 'Change Group' tab, click on the 'Change Target Group' drop-down menu
    This is also where you are able to move your Target/s from group to group
  5. Enter the name of the new group you wish to create in the text box then click 'Set' and 'Ok'

After the group has been created, you may choose to rename or delete the group by clicking on the settings icon of the group and selecting the corresponding options.
Please note that a group may only be deleted if there is no Target in it.



Locations are the scan paths of a Target and is what you choose to scan within/from the Target itself.

Adding a Location

  1. Login to your Enterprise Recon web console and start a new search
  2. Expand the Target you wish to add a scan location for and select 'Add New Location'

  3. Select your location type and fill in the appropriate details
  4. Once a scan has been started, the new Location will be saved

You may choose to delete a Location by clicking on the settings icon of the Location and selecting 'Delete Location'.
Please note that all associated reports for that Location will also be deleted.


Auto-discover Targets

It is possible to auto-discover all possible Targets within your network by going to Network Configuration > Network Discovery and entering your network's IP address range.


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