Increasing the disk space for your Master Server


This article shall serve as a guide on the steps required to properly increase disk space for your Enterprise Recon Master Server.



It is highly recommended to perform a backup of your Master Server or take a VM snapshot beforehand.

  1. Login to your Master Server Terminal console as 'root'
  2. Perform a graceful shutdown using the commands;
    /etc/init.d/er2-master stop
    shutdown -h now
  3. Once the Master Server is shut down, add an additional physical/virtual disk to your server
    (how to do this will vary between different VM hosting systems, so check the VM host documentation)
  4. Start up the Master Server again and login as 'root'
  5. Enter the command; lsblk -o KNAME,TYPE,SIZE,MODEL | grep disk
    Note down the drive label of the new additional disk (typically the last entry)
    (eg. sda, sdb, sdc, sdd, etc...)

    If unsure, enter the command; pvs
    This will list down the disk/s currently in use by your Master Server, the newly added disk will not appear here.

  6. Enter the command; pvcreate /dev/<NEW DRIVE LABEL>
    (eg. pvcreate /dev/sdb)

  7. Enter the command; vgextend VolGroup00 /dev/sdb

  8. Enter the command; lvextend -l +100%FREE /dev/VolGroup00/LogVol00

  9. Now do a reboot of the system by entering the command; reboot
    Then login again as 'root'
  10. Enter the command; resize2fs /dev/dm-2
    This step might take a while

  11. Once done, you may verify that the additional disk space has become available by entering the command; df / -h

  12. You're done!


Is there a way to make space by cleaning up old scan history?

Even though as of the current version (v2.0.19), there isn't any official feature to enable such clean-ups, it is possible to do this by using the ER Recovery Tool found in the Master Server.

However, we highly recommend increasing your disk space instead.
Furthermore, there will be a new 'archiving' feature to be introduced in our next major update arriving in the near future.

Nevertheless, below are the instructions to use the Recovery Tool:

  1. Login to your ER Master Server Terminal console as 'root'
  2. Stop the ER service using the command; /etc/init.d/er2-master stop
    This step may take awhile, we recommend waiting for 5 minutes before going to the next step
  3. Run the command; er2-recovery -i /var/lib/er2/db/root.kct -r -w /var/lib/er2/db/recovered.kct

  4. If it looks like all has gone well, run the following commands in sequence;
    rm /var/lib/er2/db/root.kct
    rm /var/lib/er2/db/root.kct.wal
    mv /var/lib/er2/db/recovered.kct /var/lib/er2/db/root.kct
    cd /var/lib/er2/db
    chown erecon:erecon root.kct
  5. Start the ER service again using the command; /etc/init.d/er2-master start
  6. Open up the ER web console again and allow for 5-15 minutes for your Master Server to start up (a refresh may be needed)



All information in this article is accurate and true as of the last edited date.

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