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This article highlights the credentials needed to manage the Enterprise Recon Master Server. It also explains how to change the passwords for the default accounts in both the Master Server console and the Web GUI.



Boot Encryption

During the Enterprise Recon installation process users are promoted to enter a passphrase for encrypting the boot volume. We use LUKS block encryption. It is possible to install on an unencrypted volume by clicking cancel on this screen, but we strongly advise against this. We do not support changing this passphrase after installation.

Enterprise Recon 2.0.28 and later


Enterprise Recon 2.0.27 and prior

Note: we highly recommend updating Enterprise Recon to the latest version

There is no way to reset or recover this password after it has been lost.


Web GUI and Console

The default password on a new Enterprise Recon installation is "ChangeMeNow". This can be used from the console session (username "root") or the Web GUI (username "admin"). A password change is required on the first login to the Web GUI before any action can be taken.



Changing Passwords

General Note

When you change the 'admin' password in the Web GUI the Master Server software automatically updates the 'root' password for the console session. However, the reverse is not true: if you change the 'root' password then the Web GUI 'admin' password will be left unchanged.


Changing the Web GUI (and Console) password

To change the Web GUI password, log in and go to the My Account Details page. Click Edit, then enter your new password twice in the appropriate fields. Click on Save Changes when done. 



Changing the Console password (only)

To change the console password, simply execute 'passwd' on the command line. You will need to enter your new password twice. This will not change the password required for the Web UI.



Reset passwords

How to reset the Console password

Enterprise Recon 2.0.28 and later

Please reboot the Enterprise Recon Master Server VM, and hold ESC until you see the GRUB menu.

1 – In the boot grub menu select the first option to edit.
2 – Select Option to edit (e).
3 – Go to line 16 and change ro with rw init=/sysroot/bin/sh
4 – Now press Control+x to start on single user mode.

5 – Now access the system with this command.

chroot /sysroot

6 – Reset the password.

passwd root

7 – Update selinux information

touch /.autorelabel

8 – Exit chroot


9 – Reboot your system


You will now be able to login as root with the new password. 


Enterprise Recon 2.0.27 and prior

1) Reboot your Master Server and press any key when the screen below appears.

2) This will bring you to the GRUB menu, press 'e'.

3) Select the kernel entry and press 'e' again.

4) Here you're able to temporarily change the kernel boot options. Add an "s" to the end of the line and press 'Enter'.

5) You will be brought back to the menu. Make sure the kernel entry is selected, then press 'b' to boot. After entering your Boot Encryption password, the Master Server should boot up as normal. You can then use the 'passwd' command to change the password for 'root'.

 6) Reboot by keying in shutdown -r now.

*Please take note, this will only change the password to the Master Server Terminal Console. To also reset the password for the Web UI, please refer to the next section How to reset the Web UI password.


How to reset the Web UI password

  1. Login to your Master Server Terminal console as root.
  2. Enter the command; /var/lib/er2/scripts/create-admin.rb admin '<TEMP_PASSWORD>' force
    (eg. /var/lib/er2/scripts/create-admin.rb admin 'ChangeMeNow' force)
  3. You may now login to the Web GUI as 'admin' with the temporary password you created.


All information in this article is accurate and true as of the last edited date.

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