Reporting scan stall issues



This article is meant to help users of Enterprise Recon understand scan stalling issues and how to report them to Ground Labs Support properly.



Understanding why a scan stalls

A scan may stall for 2 reasons;

  • "Fake" stalling - Where the scan isn't actually stalled but it may be "paused" in the background due to various reasons
  • Error in scanning - Where at some point during a scan, the scan fails at a particular file and results in a stalled state


"Fake" stalling

Causes of "fake" stalling include;

  • Target and/or Node Agent is in an inactive state (eg. Shutdown, not logged in)
  • Target and/or Node Agent is under heavy load (CPU/RAM)

Please ensure the Target is online and does not have an exceptionally high CPU/RAM usage (> 80%).


Error in scanning

This is usually the most common form of stalling, where the scanning engine crashes while scanning a certain file and attempts to restarts itself or simply stalls.

In order to troubleshoot such cases, ultimately we would need a copy of the file which the scanning engine crashes on.
To find out what that file is, please follow the instructions below.

  1. Start a new scan on the affected Target and Location
  2. Turn on scan trace logging (For more info, please refer here.)
  3. Wait for the scan to stall, also monitor the 'Activity Log' (under 'Monitoring And Alerts') for any "Agent Error" messages


  4. Once the scan has stalled or run into "Agent Error" messages, take screenshots of all error messages in the 'Activity Log', the 'Targets' page, as well as the 'Schedule Manager' (click on the scan status to expand details)




  5. The "Agent Error" messages and/or scan schedule status should show the full path of the file within the Target that is causing scans to stall.
    Please find the file in question and send us a copy of it along with all relevant screenshots taken.
  6. You may now stop the scan and save a copy of the scan trace log for the affected Target then send it to us (in .csv format if possible)




In order to troubleshoot "Scan Stalled" errors, the following information from you is absolutely essential;

  • Screenshots of 'Activity Log' and 'Schedule Manager' (with the scan schedule status expanded)
  • Scan trace log
  • Copy of the file causing stalling

Please attach all of the files above to your email when submitting a support ticket to us, thank you for your cooperation.


All information in this article is accurate and true as of the last edited date.

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