HP-UX scanning performance issues



Experiencing slow scanning performance on HP-UX systems.



The default settings for HP-UX are set to use up to 50% of available memory for disk caching.

The implication of this is that if more than 50% of system memory is already being used by running processes, some level of swapping to disk will occur.
This is not a problem specific to Enterprise Recon, and it can be triggered by any program that reads each file sequentially on the file system.

For example, it can be replicated with the shell command;

find / -type f | xargs cat > dev/null

... which simply reads all files on the file-system.

If such a system needs to be scanned, it is a simple matter to check the current setting of the file system cache using the 'kctune' command;

kctune filecache_max

... which will display the maximum number of bytes which the HP-UX cache manager will use.

If this value is high, it can be set to a percentage of system memory, eg:

kctune filecache_max=10%

However it would be best to consult with the system administrator before doing so.

HP's "Oracle on HP-UX - Best Practices" guide recommends that filecache_max be set to between 3% and 10% of available memory.


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