Migrating of Enterprise Recon 2 to a new Master Server



This article shall serve as a guide on how to migrate your current Enterprise Recon (settings,history,etc.) to a new Master Server.
SCP will be used to transfer the old Enterprise Recon 2 files to the appropriate directory in the new Master Server.


  • New Master Server with latest version of Enterprise Recon 2 installed
  • Ensure there are no activities running in Enterprise Recon 2 on both new and old servers
  • SCP connectivity



  1. Login to your Enterprise Recon Terminal console as 'root' on both Master servers
  2. Stop the Enterprise Recon service on both servers with the command; /etc/init.d/er2-master stop
  3. On the old server, transfer the Enterprise Recon core file to the new server through SCP with the command; scp root@<old server ip>:/var/lib/er2/db/root.kct root@<new server ip>:/var/lib/er2/db/
    ( eg. scp root@ root@ )
  4. On the new server, change the owner of 'root.kct' from the old root user to the new one with the command; chown erecon:erecon root.kct
  5. Start the Enterprise Recon service on the new server with the command; /etc/init.d/er2-master start
  6. Test the new Master Server by connecting to it from a Node Agent.
    Be sure to use the new Master Server IP address!



Congratulations! You have now successfully migrated Enterprise Recon 2 from an old server to a new one.
Do note that it may take a while for the new server to initialize.

If you encounter any problems or are unsure with the migration process, please do not hesitate to submit a support ticket here.
We shall respond to you as soon as we can and assist you to the best of our abilities.


All information in this article is accurate and true as of the last edited date.

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