How to enable Scan Trace Logging


This article shall serve as a guide on enabling scan trace logs for scan targets in Enterprise Recon.

These logs provide us with useful insights on the scanning process for troubleshooting purposes.
Before contacting Ground Labs Support, it is always helpful if you could attach this log file to your email so that we may serve you in a more efficient manner.



  1. In the Enterprise Recon web console, start a new search
  2. Proceed until you reach the third step where you would be prompted to set the scan schedule
    Expand the 'Advanced Options' drop-down menu
  3. Tick the 'Enable Scan Trace' check-box


  4. Proceed with the scan



Once your scan has finished, you may view & download the scan trace log by going to the 'Targets' screen, go to your target and click 'View Scan Trace Logs'.



All information in this article is accurate and true as of the last edited date.

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