What are test data/card numbers?



Under the PCI compliance security standards, Test Data is excluded from its PCI compliance scope. Therefore an environment containing only Test Cards can be deemed not to contain cardholder data storage.

Ground Labs products is capable of distinguishing between Test and Live data to assist in making compliance easier and faster to manage.



Test Card numbers are card numbers that conform to the same criteria as Live cards such as the Luhn formula (MOD 10), length and can often use the same or similar BIN ranges (the first 6 digits of a card), but they are not actual Live cards in real use/circulation.

Card Recon, Data Recon and Enterprise Recon maintain an in-built list of over 10,000 test cards numbers which are known to be used by major payment processors globally.
We continue to evolve and improve this list with continued industry input.

Our products also provide the capability for users to define custom Test Cards.
When enabled, Any test card numbers entered will automatically separated from live cards in compliance reporting and on-screen display.


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