How to create a configuration file with Card Recon GUI


If you are running a Card Recon scan using a standard set of parameters on a regular basis, you may wish to create a configuration file which will allow you to easily run the scan with the pre-defined parameters.

The configuration file will allow you to set the following parameters:

  1. Location(s) of where the scan should be run against (which may include any remote locations)
  2.  Credentials for locations which require authentication
  3. Custom rules configuration
  4. Location where the report will be saved to


To create the configuration file, you will first need to define your parameters for Card Recon.



Once you have completed the configuration, you will then need to tell Card Recon to save the config file.

To save the config file, click on Tools (top right corner) and select "Save search configuration"



Card Recon will then prompt you to specify a location of where you would like to save the configuration file to.



Once this step has been completed, Card Recon will save a (.cfg) file to the location specified




This will then load the configuration settings within Card Recon and you may then initiate a scan.

Command Line Version with Configuration file using the Results Database option

If you are required to run Card Recon with command line using the same configuration as the GUI version, you may wish to use the command below:

        cardrecon_2.x.x.exe -c <location of config file> -j <results database file>

Command Line Version with extra verbose mode

To obtain extra debugging information of the scan, we recommend running the Card Recon scan in the command-line version with extra verbose mode scan enabled. 

To download the command-line version of Card Recon, you will need to download the executable from the Ground Labs Support Portal ( within the "Command Line Interface" section.

If you require to run the scan using a command line version of Card Recon using the config file with the extra verbose mode enabled, you will need to run the following command:

cardrecon_2.x.x.exe -c <location of config file> -vv


This will then run the Card Recon scan in the command line parameters using the configuration specified.

Please note that the command-line version does not support remediation of files. 



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