Search Microsoft Exchange Live with Card Recon



Card Recon provides you with the ability to run a search on individual mailboxes (NOT the entire server) on your Microsoft Exchange Server. This is accomplished via the IMAP protocol.

If you need to scan an entire Microsoft Exchange Server without the hassle of configuring individual mailboxes then you should look at Enterprise Recon instead. 



  • A Card Recon Advanced License for every single mailbox
  • Credentials of the mailbox user (every single one of the accounts' usernames and passwords that you are required to scan)
  • IMAP service enabled & started on the Mailbox and CAS server
  • Hostname of the CAS Server 


Setting up of Credentials

When setting up the credentials within Card Recon, you will require to input the following:

  1. Hostname of CAS Server (if the role is split)
  2. Login ID of the mailbox user (Domain\User)
  3. Password of the mailbox user


Running a Scan

You may either specify the credentials before the search is run or it will prompt you to enter the credentials when attempting to authenticate.

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