Configure Web Console session time-out



The Enterprise Recon 2.0 Web Console has a default session length of 2 hours. Administrators can change the maximum length of a user session before it times out by editing the ui.cfg file on the Master Server.



  • Access to the Master Server console.
  • Working knowledge of vim or a similar text editor.


If you’re unfamiliar with vim, use nano. Install nano by running:

yum install nano

Then, instead of running vi /var/lib/er2/ui.cfg to edit the configuration file, run:

nano /var/lib/er2/ui.cfg



  1. Log into the Master Server console.
  2. Edit the file. Run:
    vi /var/lib/er2/ui.cfg
  3. Add the following line before the last </cfg> tag:

    Where <timeout_length> is the maximum length of the session in minutes. For example, <idletimeout>10</idletimeout> sets a maximum session length of 10 minutes before logging out the user.
    If this value is not set or is zero, the Master Server will default to a maximum session length of 2 hours.
  4. Save the changes to ui.cfg.

Restart the Master Server. Run: /etc/init.d/er2-master restart

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