Missed matches in Excel spreadsheets



After scanning Microsoft Excel spreadsheets using (any of) our products, it is discovered that even though genuine card numbers exist in the spreadsheet, the scan has failed to detect most (if not all) of them.



This is perfectly normal behavior.

Microsoft Excel has a numerical precision of only 15 digits.
If you take a closer look in the spreadsheets itself, you will find that the "genuine card numbers" have been truncated - every digit after the 15th would have been changed to '0'. In some cases, depending on the card type, '0' might just so happen to be the correct 16th digit. If this is the case, then the scan should have picked it up as a match.
In all other cases however, no matches would be found.



There is no proposed solution for retrieving the actual genuine "16th digit". We would advise you to take manual action on these card numbers.

In order to prevent Microsoft Excel from truncating such numbers due to its 15-digit limitation, we advise you to ensure these numbers are saved in a text field instead.

You may also be interested in this article from Microsoft in which they address this issue.


All information in this article is accurate and true as of the last edited date.

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