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This article shall explain all actions the User may perform on existing Scan Schedules under the Schedule Manager - how they work, and what actually happens.
Namely; View, Modify, De-activate, Re-activateCancel, Pause, ResumeStop, Restart


Scan Schedule statuses


Available actions: View, Modify, De-activate, Cancel

Scan is scheduled to run in the future - subject to User's configuration.


Available actions: View, Pause, Stop, De-activate, Cancel

Scan is currently running.


Available actions: View, Restart, De-activate, Cancel

Scan has completed successfully, though this may not necessarily mean it ran smoothly without hiccups, to be absolutely sure click on your Target in the Targets page and check if there are any 'Inaccessible Locations'.



Available actions: View, Re-activate, Cancel

Scan Schedule has been deactivated and in a stasis state, its configuration will remain as-is.


Available actions: View

Scan Schedule has been terminated, the User may only view its configuration and nothing else.


Available actions: View, Restart, De-activate, Cancel

Previously running scan has been stopped.
If this Scan Schedule is recurring, the next scan will still take place as per normal.


Available actions: View, Restart, De-activate, Cancel

Scan failed to start/complete for one or more Locations due to a fatal error.
Click on the status itself for more information.



Scan Schedule actions


View the configuration of a Scan Schedule.


This action is only available in 'Scheduled' status.

Make changes to the configuration of an existing Scan Schedule.


Stops scan (if running) and puts Scan Schedule in a "stasis" state.
Deactivated Scan Schedules will never run unless reactivated.


Reactivates a deactivated Scan Schedule.
Next scan would be the next earliest possible date - subject to configurations as per schedule.


Stops scan (if running) and archives a Scan Schedule.
Cancelled scans cannot be restarted or reactivated.


Pauses a running scan which the User may choose to resume at a later time.
Note that the state of the scan will be preserved for as long as the Node Agent stays up & running.


Resumes a paused scan.


Stops a running scan.
Note that if in a scenario where the running Scan Schedule covers multiple Locations with some Locations having completed scanning, the completed Locations would already have been updated with the latest scan results.
Stopping a running scan only affects the current scan for the current Location/s as well as Locations which haven't started scanning.


Restarts a Stopped, Failed, or Completed Scan Schedule.
Do note that this applies to all Locations within the Scan Schedule.



Can I pause and resume a scan?

Yes. When you pause a scan the scanning engine process remains in memory, but its CPU usage will drop to 0%. When you resume the scan it will wake up again.

Can I restart the Node Agent host or the target while a scan is paused?

It is possible to restart the Node Agent host or target at any time. However, a restart will cause the scan state to be lost. When the host becomes available again the scan will resume from the beginning. The only exception to this is scan schedules with multiple locations configured; in this scenario, locations that have completed scanning will not be affected.

Why do you not save the active scan state?

Ground Labs believes that a scan should represent a single contiguous sweep (a moment-in-time snapshot) of a target. There can be changes to underlying data while long-running scans are in progress, but the alterations are generally minimal. Were we were to resume a scan following a restart we would no longer have that continuity.


All information in this article is accurate and true as of the last edited date.

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