[ER] Dell network device "incompatibility"



When installing the Enterprise Recon appliance on a Dell OEM server, the following error message may be observed during the installation process:




This error occurs when the installer is unable to find the (default) 'eth0' network interface in the system.

In Dell's case some of their newer server models has their network interface renamed to 'em1', and since the installer only recognizes 'eth0', it assumes that there are no network devices installed.



Follow the instructions below to bypass the error message:

  1. On the error message screen, press ALT + F2 to enter the command prompt
  2. Enter the command; ps auwwx | grep /bin/sh | grep ks
  3. Find the process ID of 'ks' (should be the number in the 2nd column) and kill it using the command; kill <PROCESS ID>
    (eg. kill 1234567890)
  4. Exit command prompt with ALT + F1 and proceed with the installation

Our network configuration script may fail as a result, however this runs as the last step so you can still configure your network devices post-installation; instructions below.

  1. After installation, login as 'root'
  2. Enter commands;
    cd /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/
    vi ifcfg-em1 (or em2, check with ifconfig -a)
  3. This is where you append all the necessary configurations, the end result should look something like this (please check with your network admin if you do not know what to append, the output below is just an example)


    (Press the INSERT key to edit, ESC + :wq to save & exit)
  4. Reboot the Master Server




All information in this article is accurate and true as of the last edited date.

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